My daughter; my wife

My daughter; my wife

My names Harry, im 6ft 2in with a slightly toned body and an 8" penis. im caucasian, 58 years old and im the father of two girls; Gemma (16) and Zoe (27). My wife left me for my best friend - a cliche, i know, but thats how it is. I have neither seen nor heard of her in 6 years. Zoe left for Uni, but flunked her course and moved back in to get a job in town. Gemma is studying at the local college.

For the last six years ive been the single dad of two gorgeous women, both completely different from each other, yet somehow resembling the same person - their long-gone mother. After 3 years of being on my own with the girls, and no female company my own age, i began to fantasise about my daughters. I would dream of Zoe and Gemma pleasuring me, and i would be hypnotised by Gemmas perfect ass when it passed me in the hall or when she leant over a table. Zoes breasts filled my eyes when she would lean towards me, seemingly unaware of the lust in my down-swept eyes.

I had planned for Zoe to tell Gemma all about periods and such, but it turned out that on the night the first one struck (the eve of her 11th birthday), Zoe happened to be out of town, camping. I dashed to the local 24-hour shop and picked up some tampons, and returned to my daughters bleeding vagina. I was inches from her luscious, bald pussy; my hands trembled and my penis twitched as i inserted a tampon into Gemma. i quickly explained to her what was going on, then made a fast exit to the bathroom, where i quickly jacked off.

Nothing happened between me and Gemma since then, although nothing really ever happened that time, anyway. My next encounter was with Zoe. I had just awoken from the previous nights binge i had had with my friends, my head ringing like Big Ben. As i made my way to the bathroom (unaware that i had a pronounced bout of morning wood) i bumped into something in my hungover haze. Assuming it was just a wall, i mumbled "stupid wall" and carried on into the bathroom. I had no way of... Læs hele novellen

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