My day off

My day off

It was a Monday, payday, and also my day off. I was 17 at the time and was well out of puberty and into my ninfo stage. It seemed that sex was always on my mind. I worked at this fast food resturaunt and had the hots for this one manager named Johnathan. He had this perfect body. Not buff like he worked out but not to skinny either. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes and these incredibly sexy freckles. You couldnt see them unless you got up close though. The downside was the fact that he was married and seemed to have absolutely no interest in me.

On Payday, I knew he was working so I got myself all dressed up in my short khacki shorts and a low cut blouse hoping to catch his eye. Luckily they werent very busy when I arrived and I got to get my check right away. I walked back into the back, knowing I wasnt allowed without uniform and walked into the office. Johnathan, as I had hoped was sitting at the counter doing some paper work. He was wearing his red shirt, which was the one that he looked the best in, and his khacki, not-to-tight not-to-baggy pants.

"Hey, Johnathan! Hows it going?" I could hear my voice shaking and cracking as I spoke. I hated myself then for being shy. He looked up from his paperwork and smiled at me as if I were in uniform and it were any other day.

"Hows it going? Im guessing youre here to get your check. Gimmie just one second, ok?" he said, not paying me or my skimpy outfit the slightest bit of attention. I almost cried right there.


"Hey, you think you could hand me that pen from the shelf behind the door? This one just quit on me." He said, fiddling with the pen.

I smiled and walked behind the door, shutting it as I grabbed the pen off of the shelf. The second I heard the door click I wasnt sure I was happy or scared out of my wits. Johnathan turned around and looked at me, and for the first time I actually felt like he was checking me out.

"Is that really the only reason you came up here?" I was shocked by h... Læs hele novellen

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