My favorite party

I was 15 and it was Saturday afternoon, I had been broke up with my girlfriend for over a week now my friends parents had been out of town to Jamica and I new I could get laid tonite, but I just broke up with my girlfriend and I wasnt thinking about anyone but her. I still wasnt over her. My friend was throwing his last party because his parents came back the next day. My friend told me there was a lot of girls that were going to be there and I should take my mind of my ex, but he didnt tell me my ex was going to be there. So the party went on and it ended and me, my friend, my friends girlfriend, and my ex were the only ones there.

They went in the bathroom and took a shower together, I could hear the screaming so i put a movie into the VCR. The movie started and little did I know it was a porno, so I turned it off and turned around and my ex was gone. I wondered were did she go. I went into my friends room and the lights were off, so I walked in to turn the light on when the door slammed shut and I was pushed to the bed. My ex jumped on me and we started to make out for a few minutes feeling each other. Then she went down on me it wasnt my first blow job but it was my first from her. She put the whole thing right in her mouth it was the best feeling I ever had her mouth was so warm and her lips were so soft I felt her tongue on my shaft moving up and down with her mouth. I came in her mouth she gulped it all.

She swallowed it all then I sat her on the bed and helped her strip naked I sucked on one nipple and played with the other one a little bit she was loving it, she was moaning very loadly. Then I went down and spread her legs first I stuck my two fingers in she said she was a virgin and I should only use one, I started to finger fuck her when she said use your tongue, I stuck my tongue in her pussy moving up and down tasting her juices and obsorbing them like a sponge. I did that for a few minutes when she said stick your dick in me, so like a gentle... Læs hele novellen

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