My first gay experience

My first gay experience

I never have really considered myself gay, because I have always dated girls and actually had sex with a couple, but anyway, I had been friends with a guy named Josh for a very long time and we always went to the pool together and rode 4 wheelers around the mountainside together and everything. We have been this way for about 10 years now.

Well, one day about a year ago, we were swimming in his pool at his house and we decided to get out and fix a bite to eat before my mom came to pick me up. We were the only ones there at the time and we went in and he started to undress in front of me. It didnt bother me because we had been naked in front of each other several times and never had a "problem" until now, when he slid his swimming trunks down around his ankles and off to the side I noticed he had a hard-on. I ask him why he was horny and he said his internet had been down and he hadnt masturbated in a long time and it was starting to get to him (I guess he likes internet porn alot) well he asked me if he had ever done anything with a guy and I said "NO". Well we continued to strip off of our wet clothes until we were completly nude. And thinking about the internet porn and the sense of being nude also gave me an erection. And of course, he saw it. He asked me this time if I would like to "play around" since I was hard too? I was so horny so I said I guess and here is where we begin.

He told me he would be right back, he had to go into his dads room for something, he came back with a bottle of lubricant. He asked me if he could fuck me in my ass and I said...well as long as you go slow. My old g/f said it hurt a little. He told me to bend over the couch so I did. I could here him smearing the lub on his penis so I knew we were going to do it. I felt the head press up against my ass hole and it felt very cold and I tried to move forward a little and he just held onto my hips to keep me from moving. He started pushing in slowly, inch by inch h... Læs hele novellen

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