My first time with cyber sex

Lord of Lust says: "Sexlyst er ikke tabu. Tag styringen."

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I meet this guy online over two years ago and have the very first cyber sex converstaion that i had with him and I know it is not that great but I thought someone might get a laugh at it!So here it is let me know what you think! I was 16 when this happened!I am Playmate and he is arawn ! playmate: its okay so what do you have on right now?

Arawn: i have a tshirt jeans and boxers

playmate: okay i want you to slowly talk ur shirt off leting me see very big smooth muscles you have

Arawn: mm yes baby

Arawn: its off honey

playmate: okay i aam rubbing those smooth muscles and working my way down to ur jeans

Arawn: mmm yes baby please tell me what to do here love to do everything u cummand

playmate: i am dieing to get inside to find that big thick cock of urs that i so so want to put inside my mouth and suck it so i want you to wet ur hand with saliva and then put ur hand in ur jeans and oh so very slow start to rub ur hand around ur beautiful shaft

Arawn: mmm yes baby im licknin my hand now

Arawn: mm rubbin it for u

playmate: then with ur free hand i want you to lightly pinch ur nipples just enough to get them hard

Arawn: yss baby

playmate: now stop and take those jeans off along with ur boxers

Arawn: mm yes thank u

Arawn: im nude now baby

playmate: now go back to rubbing ur crotch and start very slow

Arawn: mm yes my cock is so hard for u

Arawn: mmm wish it was ur hand

playmate: next i want you to get a good hand ful of ur balls and gentle and roughly at the same time pull on them and then start rubbing harder on my big play toy that i love so much

Arawn: mmm yess baaby

Arawn: feels so good

playmate: stand up and keep on doing what ur are and dont type anything just do as i say til u cant take it anymore

Arawn: sstrokin and pullin my cock for u

Arawn: yess baby

playmate: i want you to put ur hands together and make a hole for ur cock to slide though and when you have done that i want to see you fuck the hole as hard and as fast as you... Læs hele novellen

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