Nylon and lace

Nylon and lace

Well, I know it will be difficult to take this story seriously or as true happenings, it will seem far fetched and made up. I know, I know. It is however the story of my sexual awakening. The story of how I grew up to be what I am. I do not pretend to find psychological explanations or even less biological ones to my being. It is just how life happened and how it is now.

I was sixteen years old, a good looking boy, quite effeminate but I don’t think it was my fault. I was tall for my age at 5’ 2”, had a very slender body, with a tiny 21” waist, long, very long legs and small feet. My legs, beside long were very shapely, very feminine, my butt, not wide but protuberant, my chest narrow with very un-boyish, larger than possible areolas and pencil eraser size nipples.

My face was pretty, I can see that in my photos of the time, quite girlish, with big blue eyes, small straight nose and a big mouth, with huge, very full lips. I wore my black hair long, as it was the vogue of the time, a little longer than shoulder long. Cut in a page like� manner, a little shorter in the front than in the back.

Besides all of these, I was and am, very well endowed. Even at that age, in the mornings I was already 7.

This was a summer in the mid 1990’s, and my parents were on vacation for one month in Europe. My lovely aunt Sally and her brother Sandy were house guests, or my sitters. Whatever.

I will describe them, as they come in the story, but suffice it to say that they come from the same tree, they were are and gorgeous people, inside and out. Also, they were as horny and liberal as could be. Maybe a bit too much, maybe a bit degenerate.

I came Friday from my last day of school, I just have finished 9th grade, there was going to be a party tonight. Hey we just have finished junior high, and in Mexico this is a big deal.

I had plenty of time, I had lunch that was served to me by the maid, and then went to my room. I was fifteen, I was horny. I sneaked into ... Læs hele novellen

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