Passed out

Passed out

This happened around the time when i was 15,at that time i was doing well in school,i had friends.Everything was great,but there was something i felt like i was missing out on.Out of all the friends i had,i had no female friends.From what i heard on the news,and from older friends,it was hard to get a relationship,let alone anything out of it.

So,i did what every teen boy does.Masturbate,i know it sounds sad,but what else can you do?Besides that,i sketched landscapes.My mother named me Art,that`s right.Art,art as in art,like paintings,statues and things like that.Well,that never really bothered me.As for my mom,her name`s Joan,from what she told me,she was quite the artist when she was younger also.I guess i got that from her,well,the tale begins as this...

I had just gotten a huge award from my school,congratulating me on yet another award on my hard work at school.My mom was really happy,i was too.So,two of her closest friends,Katherine and Anne decided to join me and my mom.It did not bother me,i liked the both of them and we got along.Little did i know that i would be really glad for what happened next.

We decided to go to a fancy restaurant,so i spent time in my room getting ready.I was a bit angry,i haven`t jerked off all day.So i really felt it,but i thought i would get some time when we got back.I managed to put on a white dress shirt with black pants,i did look a bit snazzy.My mother had gotten one of her dresses out,a dark blue one that fitted her curves nicely.

I was coming down the stairs when my mom was near the door putting on some earrings when the door opened,in came my mom`s two best friends.Katherine and Anne,Katherine wore a flannel blouse,with brown work pants.I guessed she just got out of work,Anne just had on a matching long white blouse.The kind of thing women wear during the summer,both of them congratulated me,and once we got ready and went to my mom`s car,we were off.

The four of us talked in the car on our way to t... Læs hele novellen

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