Pearls abduction

Pearls abduction

Pearl: Part 1

I think we would all agree that there is nothing quite as exhilarating as seeing a fantasy fulfilled except of course if in fulfilling your own fantasy another person sees their fantasy realized as well

Hi I am Jeff and the girl that was the object of my fantasy is Pearl. She is about 5 feet tall, with short auburn hair with an attractive enough body. She wasn’t the type of girl a guy would notice on the street but to me Pearl was incredible. I met her through work and she was always dressed very conservatively but her smile, hearty laughter and flirting eyes made me see the truly sensual part of her lying just below the surface

We worked together and occasionally went and had a drink after work. Every time we talked I became more and more intrigued. She was a true lady, always in control of not only her emotions but also her surroundings. She could juggle a hundred plates in the air at one time and still smile that smile that lit up a room. I found ways to accidentally bump into Pearl all the time. I really wanted to uncover what was lurking below the surface. One day leaving work she casually mentioned that she was going for her daily hike in Fox Woods on the way home from work. After figuring out where she drove every day, I started following her on her walks always being careful not to be seen. I have to admit I felt like a stalker but I didn’t care, I wanted to find a way to get to her.

Every day at 5 PM, she would venture out from the north entrance of Fox Woods clad in khaki shorts, with a tank top (no bra), an over shirt and hiking boots. Being Pearl it was no surprise that she followed the same path every day and got back to the entrance promptly at 7 PM long before sundown.

One particular Friday, we (well I should say she) set out on her walk but went in a completely different direction which intrigued me. Why was today so different, so I kept a closer trail on her than usual. After a while it was evident she was lost and sta... Læs hele novellen

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