I will always wonder at my nerve as I watched your face. Yes I could still surprise you.

So it wasn’t my hands restrained this time, it was the guy with a lustful look in his eye who had done as he was told.

I had of course told him I would make it worth his while… And yours, of course, considering I had tied you to a nearby chair as you looked on eagerly awaiting what would unfold. The man was already hard and I would tell you later what I had done to ensure that and I knew you were as you looked over my body tightly under the wrap of a new black catsuit you hadn’t seen before, adorned with a multitude of zips to expose certain parts as I wished, finished with the most amazing crutch high boots in pvc.

I had no intention of playing completely hard to get- I just wanted hard! I sat the man on the chair in front of me telling him he couldn’t cum under any circumstances; looking towards you I told you the same. I secured my prisoner to the chair and knelt in front of him giving you a perfect view of my ass as he got a perfect view of my mouth hungrily open, lowering down on his cock. Oh how tormenting for you to know what I was doing and not be able to see as I took the full length of him sliding my mouth up and down over his cock hearing his shallow breaths as I then slowly licked my way up and down the shaft circling with my tongue. My hand gripped the base of his cock as you heard his moans low and guttural. I seem to recall only stopping when he said, “Suck my cock harder you bitch.”

Tut tut, never allowed, so I raised myself and stepped back. You knew but I think you were more interested in what I would do next. I stepped forward again, pushed my chest against him, and unzipping my breasts told him, “You suck, you’re my slut.”

He didn’t seem to mind as I felt his tongue and teeth pushing against my nipples teasing them making them harder than they already were. He liked it, so did I. I reached around and unzipped the crutch of the catsuit; y... Læs hele novellen

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