Sans panties

Sans panties

Claire shivered against the cold and snuggled up against her husband while they stood on the front porch waiting for someone to answer the door! "Oh my, its cold," Claire said with a shudder, "I wish someone would answer the bell!" "I think I hear someone coming now," Frank replied while tugging Claire closer to him, "boy, its been a long time since weve visited Tom and Marge, about two years Id guess!!!" "At least," Claire whispered as the door began to swing open, "oh, Frank, I forgot to mention it before we left, but Im not wearing any panties!!!" "W-what," he stammered to his pregnant wife," as Tom Barker opened the door, inviting them inside! "Good to see you again," Tom offered while ushering Frank and Claire into the living room where ten other couples were drinking, talking, and enjoying hors doeuvres, "you two know everyone here, so just grab yourselves a drink and have a good time!!!" Frank tried to get his wifes attention as she made her way over to meet the hostess, but by then her back was to him and all he could think about was how under her long evening gown was her, round tummy, plump bare ass, and smoothly shaven pussy!!!

For the next hour the Frank and several other men talked politics and sports, but every so often Franks eyes would gravitate to Claire, where upon she would give him a little smirk of a smile and then go back to talking to the girls!!! It was driving him out of his mind, just imagining putting his hands under her dress and feeling her pussy was giving him a woody that wouldnt quit, and almost out of pure desperation he excused himself from the men and headed towards where Claire and the ladies were sitting!!! "Well, Frank," Jenny Corbet teased, "Claire tells us that you had a little trouble trying to fix the plumbing last week!!!" "Whatd she tell you," he asked in mock anger!?! "Oh, just that you practically drowned yourself when you forgot to shut off the water main," she giggled, "other that that, she didnt say a thing!!!" "Hr... Læs hele novellen

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