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It had been nearly an hour since he left her chained in the room at the back of the house.

Now freshly showered and shaved after a long day at work he again slipped the key into the locked door.

There she was just as he had left her hands shackled over her head in front of the stark white wall he could see the anticipation in her eyes even though she did not, dared not look directly into his.

The moisture on her thighs told him she was enjoying this perhaps a bit more than she should, and a smile momentarily graced his lips.

As he stood there admiring his beautiful pet he recalled how mouthy and stubborn she had once been, even downright disobedient at times and again a smile crossed his lips.

She had come to him quite by accident soon after she was released by another shall we say less than devoted master.

She had been left alone far to often to think and act for herself and had become a bit less than docile.

He had been hesitant at first unsure if he was ready to collar her but in the end he had.

It was quite a trial at times but he had been both firm and patient with her, admonishing her firmly and punishing her fiercely when it was needed and rewarding her even more fiercely when she had learned her lessons well.

At any rate today was a special day for them today was the 1st anniversary of her collaring,

She has become an uncommonly loving slave over the last year and he was here to reward her and to tell her how much he loved her on this day.

As he approached the table for the second time this night she watched through hooded lids, she watched as he fingered the crop he had used earlier, the single tailed whip, which she detested was next in line. She cringed a bit as she saw his hand hesitate briefly on its handle, then relaxed again as he moved to the next in line.

She smiled to herself as he picked up her favorite, a leather flogger handcrafted into twenty leather roses on braided vines, tiny nails woven in as th... Læs hele novellen

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