Seeing master

Seeing master

she enters the room,there is no-one there but then she knew there wouldnt be,since she got the text two days ago its all that she can think of, the slit between her legs seems to be constantly wet, the tingle of yearning becoming stronger as she starts the ritual of getting ready for him.

firstly removing her shoes she walks into the bathroom undressing fully and stepping into the shower,the warm water brings a little comfort to the longing she feels rubbing the soap over body she can feel what her sexual thoughts are having on her body, nipples hard she lingers and plays with them puling on them as her other hand automatically slips to the source of her burning passion. letting a sigh slipping from her lips she finds her clit hard and the inside of her cunt slippery already covered in her juices,

the thought of it covering his cock as he slams it inside her is almost to much for her, forcing herself back to the job of washing herself as she knew the trouble she would find herself in if her brought relief to herself. soaping her fingers she bends over making sure all her holes is clean and ready to receive him, happy with the results she steps from the shower wrapped in towel make her way back to bedroom.

her phone flashing shows she has a text message, its from him hes letting her know he will coming alone this time, he says nothing about when he will be there just for her to be ready for him.

she calmly sits drinking a glass of water as she puts on the makeup she know how he loves to she her look, and she doesnt want to disappoint, looking at her watch shes been in the room for over a hr and hes not arrived.

checking the room is just right, blinds closed over head lights off; side lamp on she takes the towel back to bathroom. taking in the scope of the room she is happy that everything is just how he likes it, lotions and lubricates within easy reach, one last look of room still unsure of the time of his arrival she takes up position on the bed hand... Læs hele novellen

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