She thought i didnt know...

She thought i didnt know...

Natalie Portman is saved by a nice guy from typical bar morons only to be set up for a gang rape by the same man. This story has nonconsensual sex (sort of), unprotected sex, and virtually no cumshots (they all cum inside her). It is a very long story with a hell of a set up, let me know what you think... TeenGangBanger

Vacationing in California has got to be one of the best things a person who lives in New England could ever do. The weather is infinitely better, the beauty of the landscape is year-round instead of being confined to the spring months, and who could forget those California girls…

My vacation was a celebration; It’s not everyday a guy graduates from MIT and picks up his first job as a researcher making more money than some stock brokers. So my purpose in California was strictly pleasure, no work, no stress, and certainly no love.

What the hell could be worse than love? I can’t think of anything that stresses me out more than the thought of trying to find ‘that special someone.’ Why can’t a guy just pick up a girl at a bar, fuck her brains out, then go home? Some friends told me I could do just that in sunny California, so that’s how I ended up in L.A. that night.

The weather was gorgeous when I left that night to go out on the town. The air was dry and warm, with just enough breeze to keep your hair out of place. I put on my typical outfit, blue jeans and a nice shirt, and left my hotel room for a club I had heard about earlier that day.

Supposedly it moved around a bit, the better to keep the cops away, and drew some movie stars occasionally. The current address had been given to me by a waitress at a bar on the beach with a wink which simply left me speechless. Ok, perhaps her incredible ass is what left me speechless.

I arrived at the bar at around nine, feeling like I was ready to go. I had already had a large dinner and was ready to drink some girl into submission if I couldn’t get her to com... Læs hele novellen

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Mia, 41

søger stor moden pik til skønne sexlege Skriv om dine fantasier og kinks. Jeg har en masse gode forslag. Nogen af dem vil måske give dig rejsning!!! Billeder er meget velkomne, især de skrappe! K...

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Hej, jeg er en almindelig pige, jeg vil gerne møde en anstændig mand. Jeg kan godt lide at lege lidt. Min fisse er altid glat. Find mig med QR-kode mit kaldenavn er SweetAlina1997...

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Happy to be here. Happy to read. Happy to meet. Happy to greet.

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