Silk ribbon

The object of my mind a cross dressing man with affections for bondage, my love, my torment.

Without a beginning or an end only a moment as it comes from my mind.

The wide silk ribbon slides though my fingers slithering down in a continuous rippling wave in the air. The air is quietly still the only sounds are of breathing filling the room. Looking into blue eyes that pool with tears unshed as the ribbon lands on her chest. Her mouth with a gag the back rubber band pressing against her face lips stretched tight. Her chest heaves fighting for air for control. She is on the floor as I sit next to her over her toying with her the ribbon pooling on her chest is wound around her wrist pulled her arms tightly behind her back. Her ankles laced with the same ribbon restricting movements.

Lazily I run my hand down her silken legs playing with the nylon of her stockings running my hand up again between her legs. Between her thighs pushing up her vinyl skirt touching her flesh exposed at the lace tops of her stockings caressing her sex. The flesh of her inner thigh her softness engrosses my fascination as my fingers explore and feel her. The heat from her body transfers to my hand as I caress and touch. Watching her blue eyes deepen as her body responds to my explorations.

Withdrawing my hand to pick up a segment of ribbon feeling it slide against my fingers I lean forward to thread it under her neck watching as tears run from her eyes smudging her liner and mascara. Her tears streaks down her face to her hair line as her eyes continue to pool. My breathing is even as Hope looks at me, I tighten the ribbon around her neck tying it in a bow neatly.

Reaching above her head out of her line of sight I pick up a blade. I cut her spandex top to expose her chest cutting her flesh as the blade trails down her body. I move back to look at her chest heaving blood pooling as I straddle her hips pulling off my shirt and bra leaning down to lick the blood that has poole... Læs hele novellen

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