Sissy construction worker and friend

My friend Todd and I started our adult life as best friends and co workers in home construction. At one point, an older friend of ours in the local Baptist church asked us to house sit while he and his wife went away on vacation.

We were two average looking young men of eighteen, in a nice house for two weeks. At first, we thought it was a great situation, we could meet some women, bring them to this nice house, sweet deal. The reality was that we worked twelve hour days, and when we got home we usually just showered and watched movies.

I had a porno tape, and, after one twelve hour day, I popped it in while we sat around drinking a beer.

"Why do you want to watch porno when there is nothing we can do about it?" Todd asked.

"I like porno," I replied defensively.

It came on, and I lost myself in the sex on television. Almost napping in the recliner, I was oblivious to everything else in the room.

I must have noticed something out of the corner of my eye that made me wake up quickly. There was Todd, naked with his cock in his hand.

"Im so horny," he barely whispered, a look of shame on his face as he stroked his cock standing right next to me.

"So am I," I assured him. He still would not look at me, but I knew what he must want, and I was so horny now that I wanted it tool

I reached out and touched his hard cock. It was longer than mine, and was bent just a little. It felt so good in my hand, I could not believe what I was doing, nor could I believe that it just felt good and natural. He moaned, his eyes closed. I began to stroke him, rubbing his balls with one hand, and unbuckling my belt with the other. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life.

I was naked, my enraged cock throbbing as I went to my friend. Standing in front of him, he opened his eyes, still uncertain as our cocks banged together. I slowly reached my hand around his neck, and carefully moved my mouth to his. I always joked about gays, always with derision, y... Læs hele novellen

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