Snowed In

It started as a typical friday night card game, my wife, Ann, and our friends, Jen and Rich. We had all hung out together long before we all got married, camping trips, amusement parks, fishing, etc... It was Feburary, cold and just started to snow a little. We all sat down with a drink and some smoke and started our usual card game.

Around midnight, I went to let the dog out and to our surprise, the snow was at least 10 inches deep and still coming down. Since no one had to work the next day it just meant a late game, and Jen & Rich would spend the night.. Now the drinking got heavier and a couple more joints went around, when Rich said, "Lets play strip poker." We had played some before so why not. We played about an hour and everyone was naked except Jens panties. Not having anything left to bet, it became a game of playing for dares. The next hand was won by Jen, she said, " Ann, go over and touch Richs dick or you have to go outside naked and run out to the mail box and back." Without hesitation, Ann got up and grabbed Richs dick and gave it a playful tug or two. Rich won the next won and wanted Jen to touch Anns tits.

She did so quickly. Jen won again, this time, Rich was to kiss Anns ass. He did, and gave her a little bite, too. This went on for about a half an hour, then after most little things had been done we got bolder. I won a hand and told Jen to get on the table and sit in front of Ann, I told Ann she had to lick Jens pussy for 5 minutes. I really wasnt sure if it would happen but to my surprise, Ann started to lick. I thought Rich and I would pop right then. We watched intently for the full 5 minutes.

You could see both girls enjoyed themselves. Next hand Ann won, she wanted Jen to lick my cock. I just about shit right there. But without hesitation Jen came over knelt beside me and began licking my cock. It was great. Jen won again and surprised everyone when she said, "Rich, go over and play with Garys cock."

I didnt think anyth... Læs hele novellen

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