Son in law

Son in law

It was dark outside as he made my way across the patio towards the window where, what little light there was filtered through from the lounge to leave its dulled glow on the wet patio paving.

A part of him had feared this moment for the entire journey home and though he hadnt found any cause for that fear when hed pulled up outside the cottage five minutes ago, he was still left with a very real nagging doubt, one that had seen him draw breath before taking the first step towards the cottage...his cottage.

For months now, his wife Lin, had been teasing him about what shed been getting up to with her son in law Andy.

His initiial reaction had been to shrug it all off as her way of winding up...a way of her getting him to feel jealous, and yes, maybe her way of making him more responsive to her needs, more attentive...and he was well aware shed used this kind of tack before....but more and more of late little things shed been saying, little things shed hinted at or done had started to strike a chord and somewhere in the depths of his mind, the doubt had slowly but surely crept in.

Now, instead of making his way directly into the cottage, here he was stood in the middle of his own patio, apprehensive about what it was he might discover.

He looked tentatively towards the lounge window once more. It was as if a part of him didnt want to look, to face the truth...but he knew he had to. He knew a part of him wanted to.

He took yet another step towards the window.

It was a Thursday evening, twenty four hours earlier than he would usually have come home so he was more than confident Lin wouldnt be expecting him. Indeed, that was the whole purpose he was here. He hadnt wanted her to expect him...hed decided if anything was going on, if there were any truths in the wind ups, then he wanted to catch her out...or at least so hed thought. But as he stood there drawn towards the light coming through from the lounge, he knew there was a part of him that reall... Læs hele novellen

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