Sues bad luck

Sues bad luck

Sue had lost 21 pounds in just a short period of time. That’s good for overweight people but, Sue was only 120 before she dropped to only 99 pounds. The reason, Sue had been called a fat whore by one of her son’s friend’s dad after spitting out his cum after a blowjob. Sue was married to her husband Al and had to sons in high school. Sue had light brown hair with blonde highlights, small breasts, and a small but firm butt since she worked out everyday. When Sue weighted 105 pounds her family and friends got worried and told her that they were worried about her losing all that weight so fast. She tried saying that it was a new diet or that she worked out harder in the past couple of weeks, but no one believed her.

See it all started when Sue went to pick up her youngest son from a friend’s house. Todd, her son’s friend’s dad answered the door. ‘Come on in’ Todd said nicely. They walked through the family room toward the stairs when Sue noticed that there was a picture of a woman sucking on a dick on the computer screen. Todd turned around and saw that Sue saw the screen ‘shit’ he mumbled under his breath. Instead of Sue calling the man immature she said ‘You like looking at that’. ‘I don’t know where that came off’ Todd stumbled tying to block the computer screen. ‘Then you wouldn’t like a blowjob from me then’ Sue asked. Instantly, Sue saw Todd’s prick get hard in his pants. ‘I’ll take that as a yes’ Sue said and walked over to the man. Sue dropped to her knees and unzipped the man’s pants and pulled down his boxers. The 6 inch cock sprang out and Sue quickly took it in her mouth. That’s when Todd took control. ‘Suck it hard you bitch’ Todd said and pushed Sue’s mouth deeper onto his cock. Sue took all 6 inches into her mouth and gagged at first. Sue tried pushing away to breath, but Todd slapped her hands away ‘take it all in’ Todd told her nastily. Sue was given one gasp of air before she her head was slammed back into her throat. ‘You want my cum, bitc... Læs hele novellen

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