His name is Chris. We had been friends for almost a year. Hs was 22, and I was 21. We had gone out for drinks and stuff, but not much else.

One day we were outside our apartments, near the childrens playground. Everyone was inside, and it was raining. It had just started and we didn't feel like going back inside, so he asked me for a favor. I said sure, and he unziped his pants, and pulled out his throbbing cock. I was immediatly turned on.

He pushed my head down to it, and I started sucking. He grabbed my hair and helped me deep throut it. I continued this for about 5 minutes, until he pulled my head away, and exploded on the ground next to him.

We went inside and dried off. He lent me something to change into to stay warm. Ohh that shirt smelt soo good.

After it was on I went in his room, and his back was to me and he didnt have a shirt on. I snuck up behind him and gave him a hug then whispered, "did I get the last shirt. If you need it then take it off of me.

That was all it took. He turned around and ripped it off me exposing my firm 32DD(all natural) and my erect nipples. He started sucking them hard and it felt incredible.

Then he reached into my panties and started fingering my fresh shaven pussy. I almost came right there. I then took his pants off and he pushed me onto the bed.

We got into the 69 position, and he ate me out while I sucked him. I came about 2 minutes later, and he had yet to come. I was wore out, so he jerked off until he came, then layed down next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I did the same.

We stayed like until we couldnt hear the rain, then got dressed in our, now dry, clothes. When the rain stopped he walked me to my apartment.

When we passed the spot, everything had been washed away.

At my apartment he kissed me goodnight then left. I invited him in, but he said it would be better if he went home. I kissed him agzin before he left.

I wanted to see him again, but our schedules just go... Læs hele novellen

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