sweet as kandie

Their she was walking into the gym room in 7th grade, Long blonde hair about 53, Perfect breasts about 36c, nice sweet juicy little ass. . .oh god, my eyes wondered all over her body with sex storys of me and her flashing in my head as i walked up to her.

"hi my names sarah" i said giving her a big hug and not realizing that both our breasts were touching eachother

“My name is Kandie” she said with a cute little smile on her face.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this wasn’t just going to be a best friend relationship, but,how should I say it, “best friends with benefits” relationship. We started out by her coming to my house and spending the night and me going to hers. We akways had something to talk about, and we had a lot in common. We would always dress up in sluty clothes and dance to the music from the radio. We always danced we eachother, when we did I would get sooo hot,and wonder if she was the same. One night when she came over to spend the night she asked if I wanted to play truth or dare. I said yes, acting like it was a stupid idea. When really I knew where this was going. She asked me first and I said truth like I always do.

“ have you ever had any weird experiences with sex before”

“yes” I said laughing while my head was lying in her lap. She picked dare and I didn’t really want to get straight to the point so I gave her three dares to choose from. I made them all kind of silly.

“ you can run down the street but naked, kiss me, or you can yell goodnight outside in the front yard”

To my surprise she picked to kiss me. I didn’t tell her which way so she just decided to French kiss me. She leaned in really close to me with her soft lips, I god was I ever getting wet. She put her lips on mine and started to gently massage my tongue with hers, than she would suck on my lip for a little bit and than go back to massaging my tongue. God it felt so good I couldn’t move it seemed like it lasted forever. When we got done she asked me how... Læs hele novellen

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