Testing waters

Try try again, well I had surly tired Master patience! I had been with him almost two weeks and each day as I grew more accustom to his ways, my brave side emerged. Ever so subtle, I had topped from the bottom a small amount at a time. We had had our early morning of fun, both of us enjoying a round of orgasms. I lay there with a smile on my face.

“Im ready for my coffee Sir!” I announced every so sweetly.

“Pet that sounds like an order to me, you realize since you got here especially the last few days you have been attempting to top from the bottom. Its time that came to a halt, I assume its time we put you back in your place!”

I lay there smiling, not out of disrespect but when I am in trouble that is how I handle it. It gets away with me and I smile to hide the embarrassment or shame Im feeling. I got up and went to the kitchen to get a coffee. Suddenly, Sir was behind me, a handful of my

hair in his hands. Pushing me toward the bedroom. Shoving me onto the bed, he pushed my head down, leaving my ass upturned.

“Pet you know I love you, but I will not have a lady of mine acting out in such a manner. Since you seem determined to push me to take you in hand, we will make sure that you dont forget it this time. Ten with the brush, ten with the crop and ten with the cane. You

are to count each one, if you fail we start over.”

Tensing my ass up, already dreading my mistake, I waited. The crop wasnt to bad, not a walk in the park but compared to the brush and the cane, I knew this was the easy part. Each swat grew harder, my flesh begin to burn and it was all I could do not to pull away.

The first set was over and the dread of the upcoming next ones grew. The inside of my thighs were tender, on fire and I truly , with everything in me knew I had made a mistake that wasnt going to happen again. The first smack from the brush sent me howling, I

wanted so badly to pull away but knew that would only bring me more punishment. Catching my breath between ... Læs hele novellen

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