The four of us.

The four of us.

I’m not even sure I should tell anyone about this, but as there is a category for it, I suppose I’m not alone in finding fun with another species. So here goes.

A five years ago I was living alone in London. I had a good income and no-one to spend it on but me. I had a small circle of friends and we used to go clubbing on a Saturday night but for the rest of week I was pretty much on my own. So I got myself a dog.

Now I could have bought a rare breed pedigree for a ridiculous amount of money but instead I went to the local dog’s home and found a mutt. She was an adult bitch of middle size, about waist height when I am kneeling down, and she was well found and fit with a short coat and the sort of face you love right away. She also had the best temperament of any dog I have ever met. I paid my money and took her home.

The first clue that something hadn’t been quite right in her past came a few weeks later. I was sitting at home, watching a really ultra hardcore porno film provided by a mate who is a continental lorry driver. Being alone and with all the doors locked, I was naked on the sofa, masturbating idly as I watched the filth unfold. My dog, whom I named Izzy, for reasons which escape me, was lying a little distance away minding her own business. As the film progressed I got more and more worked up until finally I was wanking madly and I moaned out loud.

Izzy, hearing my moan, stood and wandered over. She stood by me and watched as I kept on wanking. After all, I wasn’t embarrassed about doing it in front of a dog. Suddenly, as my precum began to ooze, she moved forward and began licking the head of my cock. I was surprised, even shocked, but I was too far gone to stop. As I came, spurting over her mouth and tongue, she went wild, lapping at me and gently nibbling my cock. It felt incredible! I slowed down my hand and squeezed out the last dregs of my cum as Izzy lapped up every drop. After I had finished and there was nothing lef... Læs hele novellen

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Pattiyarat, 27

Happy to be here. Happy to read. Happy to meet. Happy to greet.

Mia, 41

søger stor moden pik til skønne sexlege Skriv om dine fantasier og kinks. Jeg har en masse gode forslag. Nogen af dem vil måske give dig rejsning!!! Billeder er meget velkomne, især de skrappe! K...

Magnificent Beast
Magnificent Beast, 38

Jeg er ny i alt det her novelle skrivning - lurer bare rundt

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