The hottie across the street

The hottie across the street

Scott was sitting in his room looking out the window. He was enveloped in the events of the day before. He could not decide if it was the worst or best thing he had ever done. Of course once you hear the story you will see why he was leaning towards the latter of the two.

It was the beginning of September. The leaves were just changing color and the weather was getting cooler. He was moving all of his things from his room in the basement to his room in the attic where it was cooler. They didnt have much junk laying around and the only thing in the attic was some old blankets and pillows. It was small with a slanted roof. There was a window that looked out over his front yard onto the road. He didnt have much stuff in his room, just a single bed and a small television with a Playstation hooked up to it. He kept most of his clothes in a basket by his door, or scattered across his room. he took his telescope and set it up so it was looking out the window. There was a meteor storm in a few weeks and he didnt want to miss it. At least that is what he told his Mom, he actually used it to spy on the woman next door while she changed. Her house was about 20 yards from the road so it was perfect. He was only 14 at the time but was developing nicely. He had a 6 inch penis and was about 56 with no facial hair and very little anywhere else besides his head and pubic area. he was pretty skinny but was in good shape as he ran every morning at least 3 miles.

Once he was finally moved into his room he waited eagerly for nightfall. It came at last and around 8:00 and he saw what he was waiting for. The light in his neighbors room kicked on, she came in and walked into the bedrooms bathroom to brush her teeth. She didnt bother with curtains as it was a very country town and the only house for 6 miles washer neighbors. And she was not aware there son had a room in the attic. She was a very pretty woman with C cup breasts and an ass that put many woman to shame.... Læs hele novellen

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