The intern

The intern

Nina is a beautiful business executive. Jessie is a delicious, young blond intern. Jessie has never had sex with a woman before. When Nina finds out, her eyes light up and she asks Jessie if she wants to see her "Rumpus" room.

It had been one let-down after another for Jessie. She was in college and dying do an internship before she graduated, but it didn’t look like it was ever going to happen.

Most companies were being too picky. She’d been on a lot of interviews and none had called her back, which she found insulting considering it was free labor.

She’d spent a lot of nights crying, but not just because of that. Her whole life was going straight to shit.

She’d recently broken up with her boyfriend because she’d gone on a trip to Las Vegas without him. He’d been accusing her of cheating since the day she got back because she didn’t call him while she was there.

She explained that she was planning to, but every time she had time to call, something would come up and she couldn’t do it. He didn’t believe her and they’d argued about it so much that it eventually led to their breaking up.

On top of that, her closest friend was moving to the east coast. She and this guy were as close as two people could be. It was like losing one of her sisters (he was gay). She was having a hard time getting used to the thought of him not being around.

It seemed like every possible problem that one person could have was coming at her all at once. She spent a lot of time watching comedies to try and keep her spirits up. She didn’t want to look too sad on her interview.

The day of the interview arrived. Jessie felt like shit, but she went anyway and tried to keep a fake smile throughout their conversation.

It had been going well despite the intense nervousness she felt inside. It was like all the mistakes that she had made on her previous interviews were helping her now. She could speak more fluently and answer without hesitation because she’d heard all the... Læs hele novellen

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