The party

It is a party. One that I really don’t wanted to go to. But, as it has been a while since I’ve been anywhere I think I’ll make the most of it. So I spend a long time getting ready. Soaking in the bath, relaxing, making sure my legs are smooth and my nails neat and manicured.

Once I finish in the bath, I dry myself and carefully apply my make up. Dark smoky eyes and lip gloss that make my lips look full and inviting. Then I carefully pull on my black stockings and hook them onto my black suspenders. I put on my black skirt and tight fitting blouse that I leave open enough so that you can see the edge of my black bra. Admiring myself in the mirror I turn with my back to it and pull up my skirt until you can see my stocking tops and the crack of my round arse. Not bad! I smile to myself and hope the effort isn’t wasted.

At the party I say my hellos, and I scan the room. No one interesting around yet, so I get myself a drink and idly chit chat to people. Then he walks in. Just to see him sends bolts of electricity through my body, my arms, my legs, my back and they all seem to meet at my pussy, which is already throbbing.

He looks at me and nods in acknowledgement, and then continues to work the room, glancing at me and smiling frequently. Shit, he looks so good. Dressed smart, but casual in a pair of black trousers that fit his arse perfectly and a well-fitted shirt that shows off his athletic build. I’m already thinking about…, but then someone starts to talk to me and I lose sight of him. Fuck! So I go to get another drink.

I’m standing at the bar when I sense him behind me. I feel him push closer and he offers to buy me the drink I’ve ordered. I nod and I feel like I’m going to scream at any second. My nipples and clit are rock hard and I have this ache in my pussy that would only be satisfied by having him inside me. Then he says that we could always leave the drink and have one back at the hotel room he is staying in tonight. I nod again, completely ... Læs hele novellen

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