The twins

The twins

I met Karen and Leanne at one of my photo exhibit during my first year of college. I was showing some candid shots of people in odd circumstances. Their beauty took me aback, and like everyone else I thought they were identical twins. The only people that knew different, were the administration clerks or people trained in identification.

I made no effort at all to acknowledge their beauty though they were breath taking. Certainly not playboy models, or women one might see on vogue but quite beautiful in a down to earth way, and I was certain that they were tired of being told; how beautiful, or how cute, or how much they look-a-like, and didn’t care to here any of that from me. I later learned much to my astonishment that there were two years, two states, and two sets of parents between them.

With their clothes on they looked exactly alike to the untrained eye, even when clad only in shorts, they maintained their mirror-image appearance. It wasn’t until you could look inside their panties that the differences became evident. I know what you are thinking, one had a penis well you are wrong.

To describe one is to describe the other, Karen was the older and the alpha mate; they both had outgrown pigtails yet they both wore their shoulder length blond hair in pigtails. Their eyebrows faint, thin and un-plucked still accented their deep blue eyes. Their thick red lips matched their plump cheeks natural reddish hue.

Even in the dead-of-winter they wore short sleeve cut-off t-shirts showing off their creamy skinned bellies with their wide and deep belly buttons, not a hair or stubble to be seen. Their skirts were always just above the knees, but a few times I caught one or the other bending over exposing their smooth shaved legs. Their clothes were always the same. I used to muse to myself that they would argue with each other about weather or not they would wear a bra over their pert thirty-two c. breasts and often wondered who wanted to do... Læs hele novellen

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