The woods

My morning ritual draws me to the bridge for a time of silence and concentration. The leaves are turning colors and the morning air is crisp but not cold. Saturday mornings are particularly delightful for me. I know I will have at least four or five hours to myself as my family sleeps in on Saturdays and living in the woods I never see anyone else.

Feeling frisky this morning, I remove my drawstring pants and sweatshirt to kneel naked on the bridge this morning. I allow myself only a moment to look around at the pond and beautiful leaves before gracefully placing my hands on my knees palms up, straighten my back and close my eyes. Concentrating on slowing my breathing, my mind drifts to its favorite place – serving my Master. The cool breeze causes my nipples to become hard and the leaves rustle around me but I have learned to ignore the sounds.

Knowing I have an overactive imagination, I stifle the feeling that the rustling is footsteps. I have progressed too far over the last few weeks to become so easily distracted by such sounds. I return to concentrating on my breathing, when suddenly I feel something against my foot. I turn to see a boot against my foot. I attempt to look up at the figure but He is standing in the sun so I am unable to make any real features out. As I scramble to get my clothes and attempt to get up, He cups His hand over my mouth and puts a rather large arm around me grabbing my right shoulder and pulling me up. He whispers in a very low deep voice, "Don’t be scared, I don’t want to hurt you. This will happen and you will walk away unharmed. How much pleasure you receive depends on how well you cooperate." As He was speaking, my hands were handcuffed behind me and a blindfold was slid over my head to my eyes. my mind was racing as I realized just how adept this Man was, how large His arms were and how totally vulnerable I was right now. A gag replaced His hand over my mouth and I was standing there naked and helpless. He released His ... Læs hele novellen

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