Unresolved issues

Unresolved issues

"Yea, Saturday-6:30." I hang up the phone and chuckle slightly. "And the last one makes five."

So Its been a while since Ive spoken to any of these girls...but theyre all my exes. In chronological order--Jasmine, Christi, Tanea, Kelly B, and Kelly L. All of them, except Tanea broke up with me. Jasmine was my first love, and she broke up with me after a little more than three months...and she did it on New Years EVE! It hit hard, and I couldnt get over her for a while. But I got over her, founr Christi and she and I dated for thirteen days, and she broke up with me because she was "being suffocated." Its some bullshit...All her friends and I agree that shes just an idiot who aims too damn high...she likes those pretty boys, the guys who want nothing to do with her. Tanea was a mistake; Jasmine, since we had stayed friends still, said that if I called her up Id have a shot wih her. So I did, and we dated for like two weeks. And I broke up with her, after cheating on her with Jasmine, cuz I still had a thing for her, and she was leading me on. Then came Kelly...I had an eye out for Kelly since I was even with Jasmine, but I ignored it until a year later. We started going out, but after about nine months of an abusive relationship, I was glad that she finally broke up with me. I loved her and I couldnt bring myself to break up with her, no matter what she did to me. I moaped around for about a year, bouncing between girls who had nothing but bullshit to offer, and then Jasmine introduced me to another Kelly. I was iffy, but also desperate, and I ignored a lot of things and said that I did indeed like her. She was a freak...shit I couldnt even handle...and after like four months she broke it off--or I did...Im still not sure. Even though I stayed friends with some of them for a while...I have lost contact with all of them. Intentionally, I assure you. I have found a good girl now, who I love, and now that we have said that to eachother...she has given me a free p... Læs hele novellen

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