Most stories on slut wives show how many men like to watch their partners with other men. But this applies to more than adults.

I went to a single-sex boys school in the remote English countryside back in the fifties. In those days sex was a taboo word and I had the usual non-existent sex education from parents so like all my friends I found out everything by experiment.

At just sixteen, still totally inexperienced, I had a girlfriend from the local girls school. Wendy was a stunner, really beautiful and physically developed far beyond her sixteen years. Her pretty blue-eyed faced was framed by straight blond hair that reached to her waist. She was tall and slim with large, firm breasts and the best legs I have ever seen. All my friends lusted after her and I was the envy of the school, even some of the teaching staff. On the surface she was demure and shy and I was her first serious boyfriend. We first had sex on her 16th birthday and I soon discovered that Wendy was a real goer who always took the lead.

My closest friend in school, Dave, was an undersized, shy fifteen-year-old. He was totally obsessed with sex but so shy he found it difficult to talk to girls. I knew he had a crush on Wendy, yet he was so in awe of her that he wouldnt come near me when I was with her.

Daves obsession with sex was such that, at least once a week he asked me to play with his cock. This was not unusual amongst our school friends; they often explored each others bodies in this way, but most were now imagining doing this with girls. Dave was no exception, and kept asking me if Wendy and I did this.

I had always refused when Dave asked me to play with him, but now, less than one month after Wendys 16th birthday, I was getting an overwhelming urge to see her having sex with another boy. In particular I developed an intense fantasy where I taught Dave about sex using Wendy as the model - I had even planned the "lesson" in detail, giving each section a time limit. Such was t... Læs hele novellen

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