Wild honeymoon
I feel funny writing about this because I cant believe it happened. I just got married recently to a wonderful woman. Its the second marriage for both of us, we are mature and know each other well. We both just turned fifty and still enjoy sex and my wife Julie is still very attractive and desirable.

We went to the Carribean on our honeymoon not too long ago and it was great. We drank, enjoyed the beach, the great weather, and of course, the sex. After about the third day we got to know one of our waiters at the outside bar where we hung out every afternoon. His name was Carl. He seemed really nice. He was about twenty eight years old, six feet tall and in real good shape. I could tell Julie liked him because she and I were always joking around with him. While she was in the ladies room, Carl and I started swapping ideas about how to keep in shape. He told me he went to the gym on a regular basis because at night he moon lighted as a male dancer.

So I get this brain storm and knowing Carl is off that night, I offer him a hundred dollars to give a little private dance in our room for my wife. We agreed about nine oclock. He said it would be his pleasure since he has grown fond of us also. Carl said he has done private dances a couple of other times and that he would bring his cd player for the music. He also asked me how far should he go. I asked him what he meant. He said he usually strips down to a g string if no one seems to object. I told him to play it by ear and only go as far as he thought Julie wanted it to go. I wasnt sure how she was going to take this. I know that after a few drinks she is less inhibited and quite lusty. My plan was to get here feeling good and relaxed so she can enjoy my surprise. Seeing her get hot and excited by Carls routine would also turn me on. Then after he left, we would have great sex.

Later that evening we had dinner and a few drinks. Julie and I were feeling pretty good. About eight oclock I suggest we go back to the r... Læs hele novellen

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