Father’s diary

Father’s diary

I am a 43 year-old constructor. Clever, handsome, rich, these descriptions has nothing to do with me; in fact, the only things that I am proud of my self are my muscular body and my huge dick. What do you know? They did help me won the heart of my beautiful wife. My wife and our daughter, Lily, were the dearest things to me. Fate, however, seems to be jealous of me, it took my wife away from us when Lily was only 10 year-old.

Ever since my wife’s death, my daughter and I both became the most important people to each others. For 3 years we lived in harmony. Life was not necessary abundant, but it was happy, for we have each others.

Lily was my proudest procession. Her gorgeous eyes sparkle with happiness. Her little ponytail can win the hearts of all adults, and her skin as smooth as baby. Unlike other girls, however, Lily begins to develop quite early. By the age of 12 she already processes a sexy figure, a figure so attractive that it becomes the main attraction of all the perverted men outside. I never bother to teach her anything about man and woman, because I am also one of those perverted men.

My morality always tells me it was wrong to have anything bad thought toward my own daughter, but my morality was gradually broke as Lily develops everyday. My last defence of morality was eventually broken, and that’s when my diary begins.

May 24, Sunny

Today Lily was supposed to go fundraising today buy selling passengers little flags. She is good at that. Most men are more then willing to spend a buck to exchange the moment when my lovely Lily sticks a flag sticker onto their chest. Today, however, many men would miss out that chance, for I was going to make a move on my daughter.

Lily was wearing her usually mini-skirt and T-shirt today. I am so poor that I can’t afford to buy her any beautiful clothing, but Lily never complains. You can’t find a better daughter in the whole while world. That’s why I mu... Læs hele novellen

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