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Terry could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she turned into the parking lot. She was so scared that she had to force herself to take deeper breaths. Pulling into his assigned spot the front tires hit the curb hard enough to jerk her forward. She cursed as she shut off the engine. She checked her clock. It was 12:50. Ten minutes to go. After lighting a cigarette she inhaled the smoke deeply while closing her eyes. The nicotine had a calming effect. She reached for the printout of the Instructions and read them one last time. There was no room for error. Not today.

At 12:57 Terry was standing next to the security system at the entrance to the apartment building. A tenant held the door open for her inviting her to enter but Terry shook her head, refusing the offer. She looked at her cell phone. 12:59, one long minute to go. As the digits finally transformed to 1:00 she dialed in his apartment number, 415. After waiting through the eternity of four rings he picked up the receiver. She heard his voice for the first time; "Hello". She stuttered slightly as she gave the required reply: "Sir, this is Terry". A buzzer indicated that the door had been unlocked. As it closed loudly behind her Terry felt as if she had reached the point of no return.

Her mind raced as the antiquated elevator slowly brought her up to the fourth floor. Her fear was rapidly being replaced with a thrilling expectancy. The adrenaline was rushing through her system giving her a numbing buzz which allowed her to go into an auto pilot mode. There was no more thinking to do. She was now reacting, following orders. The Instructions would be followed to the letter. Her surrender was already complete. As she left the elevator she walked briskly down the hall to

415. Behind the door was the man that she was meeting for the first time. She took one last deep breath before knocking twice.

After a minute, the door opened. Terry walked through, keeping her eyes down. He closed and locked... Læs hele novellen

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