Family fun in colombo

Family fun in colombo

This is a true story and nothing is exaggerated but of course, the names are changed. Let me go to the story directly. I am tharushi, 21 years old lady from colombo. We are 4 members in my family – my dad (Rajeev), mom (Latha), and brother (rajesh) of 24 years. I am a graduate student in one of the colleges. My brother works in a private company and dad in a bank. Mom is a housewife. My sister (Deepa) is married with a guy (Deepak). But they often visit us and spend at least two nights in a week. So we are not missing them as such.

Our family is a kind of open minded one. We all smoke in front of each other and we don’t mind to take drinks together in some cases. Moreover, we are free to wear anything inside houses. My sister and I never had any problem going in front of our dad and brother in bra and panty only. I have seen my mom total naked a couple of times and to be frank my dad too. Seeing dad was an accident, I should say. But mom is not a problem, as sometimes we took bath together and sister also.

Well, it was a summer hot day when I came back from my college early, as there was a strike. The front door was opened and I went to my room, changed myself in loose t-shirt and shorts. I never wear bra in the house if I wear t-shirt. I felt to smoke and found that I did not have any cigarette. So I went to mom’s room to check if she had any. Her room was opened and I could listen some conversations. I was surprised who it could be. I went to room and stunned with the scene inside the room. Oh! What I was seeing? My mom was stark naked sitting on the bed and sucking my brother inlaws’s tool. At first they didn’t see me and I was confused what to do. Neither could I speak nor I could take the eyes off the scene. I was just standing at the door – a kind of senselessness.

After a couple of minutes, my mom saw me and stopped sucking.

“How did you come so early from college tharu?” she asked still holding Deepak’s dick. “You didn’t go to college?”

“Omm Aaaa,... Læs hele novellen

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