The night started like any other. When Jim got home, he asked his wife if they could get a sitter for the evening. His wife Beth told him she might be able to get someone and wanted to know what he had in mind. He told her he wanted to take the bike out, and if she could find a sitter they could go riding together. She made some calls and told him her mom would watch the kids.

A few hours later the kids were at her mom’s and Jim was getting the bike out and ready. Beth changed into her tight pants and skimpy little top. Beth was a very good looking woman, 5 9" 110 lbs, blond hair, 38 D tits, and always kept her pussy completely shaved smooth. They soon got on their Harley and took off. They rode for a while, and when it started to get late, they stopped into a small local bar for a drink.

The bar was a little packed and there were no stools left, so they decided just to stand at the bar. After they got their drinks and were starting to relax, Beth noticed one of the guys in the bar checking her out. She looked him over and noticed he was a very good looking guy, and nicely built. She took a glance at him when she could, not wanting to make it too noticeable. Jim got up to go to the bathroom and while he was gone, the guy came over to the bar to get another drink. He came up and stood beside Beth, and as he slid by her, he brushed his crotch against her ass. She knew he meant to do it and was very surprised by what she felt. He had a very large bulge; he slid along her butt. He looked at her and smiled and then glanced down her top at her large tits. Instantly she felt a tingle in her pussy and her nipples hardened slightly. She was very attracted to him. He got his drink and slid back by her as he left. This time he really pushed his cock against her ass as he went by.

Jim got back from the bathroom and noticed Beth was very quiet. He asked her what was up, and she said nothing and took another drink. She could feel the guy looking at her and wanted to look... Læs hele novellen

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