Lexi my wonder dog

Lexi my wonder dog

This story is completely fictional and meant to be read by those so interested and of legal age.

Hi my name is Luther, I’m 25 years old and I just recently graduated college.

After doing so I moved home briefly with my mother, little sister, and our wonderfully trained Lexi. I was only around for a brief time when we first got her but I still missed her very much while away at school. My mother trained our black lab very well as a pup and she is the most obedient dog I have ever seen.

Wanting to someday be able to breed her, we did not have her fixed. She has always just been considered our other sister. My mother Virginia is 48 and a very busy woman. She works for an advertising company and travels quite a bit. When she does so it is up to my little sis to care for the house, dog, and so forth. Susan, my little sister, is 22 and works full time as a waitress, which sometimes keeps her out from lunchtime to late in the evening or early the next day. So, needless to say they were very pleased to see me come home to help out around the house again. And help out I did, as I was currently unemployed and looking for my perfect job. To get on with the story, about a month into being home, I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 2 years after finding out she was cheating on me with some other man.

So, there I was depressed, lonely, and beginning to miss very much the great sex we would have on a regular basis. I tired everything I could to get my mind off of it but nothing helped. Daily sessions of masturbating just weren’t doing the job anymore. When I was with my ex girl, I wouldn’t even get a chance to jack off. I missed that incredible feeling of warmness engulfing my slightly more than average size manhood. Just thinking about it all makes me so horny. As usual I was home alone, just Lexi and I. So there I sat on the living room couch and off came the pants and on came a soft porn from the satellite. As I started rubbing myself and really getting in... Læs hele novellen

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