A satisfied sister in law

One afternoon her sister Sue came over to see Jan and I was home alone. Jan my wife was out shopping. I had a feeling she may have been seeing another guy. I said straight out how many guys had you two had before we got married and Sue said Jan and I used to work as a couple and do lesbian shows for guys and then let one or two fuck us afterwards if the color of their money was right. I said you were prostitutes. She said well thats one word for it.

Sue went into the house and not long after I followed to find her naked in the lounge room and she came straight out and said ok you have had Jan how about me, lets see if I have lost my touch.

At first I was a bit shocked but thought what the hell Jan has been fucking about so why cant I.But it was her sister.

I said ok come into the bedroom and be comfortable. I undressed on the way and by the time we got there I was naked with a great boner to show her I was no punk.

She wasted no time and said Jan always said you were not badly built and with that she had my cock in her mouth and was giving me one of the best head jobs I had ever had, even better than Jan. I didnt ask I just blew the entire load of my cum into her mouth when I was ready and she swallowed me and then said you bastard you could have told me you were cumming. I had most of down my throat before I could get a good taste of it.

After she sucked my cock dry she worked on getting it hard again as I lay back and enjoyed her treatment as her hands slid up and down my shaft and he other hand gently fondled my balls. She knew what to do and I was hard in no time again and then she lay back and said ok lets fuck.

She had removed most of her hair down to a strip and he cunt looked beautiful and I used my fingers to open her and look at the wet pink tunnel of love she was offering me and would soon be full of cock. I mounted her and my cock went in fast and deep and as I hit the bottom she gave a slight grunt, careful she said I dont want it ... Læs hele novellen

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