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Heres a story about my first sexual experiance, which was almost 3 months ago. I was

17 and going to a catholic school, I wasent what you would call a great looker. I wasent

ugly mind you, but plain, the type of kid no one would give a second look at. I was 54"

97lbs small breasted (B cup)with long curly blond hair, with glasses, and braces. Needless

to say there wasnt a line of boys knocking at my door. In fact I was the only virgen left in

my class. Some would say so what, well I didnt want to be a virgen. I didnt want to be a

slut either, just experiance sex like all the other girls. It definatly didnt help that I was also

very shy and introverted. I was even the butt of jokes and abuse amungst my classmates.

Two girls inparticular took great joy in useing me as there personal kicking post. Sara and

Cristy, on a daily bassis would tell me that there wasent a boy in town that wanted to take

me to the movies let alone the gorge(a faverite local make out spot). Many a day I would

be pushed into the boys bathroom or lockeroom.

Did you ever hear about the scared strait program? Where they bring school kids into prison.

Well one day my school had a field trip to a prison, where they show you arround the place.

Showing us the messhall, cells, etc. They also show us the box area, where prisoners are kept

in solitary confinement. A couple of the other girls that are in my group were Sara and Cristy.

As the guard was leading the group into another area, they grabed me from behind and gaged

me, and tied my hands in front of me with my tie. They then opened a cell and push me inside,

makeing me fall on the floor hard. As they closed the door I heard them say, "Hears a present

for ya mister". I then heard them laugh and walk away, as I picked myself up off the floor I realised

that I wasnt alone. As I stood up I could see a black man laying on a bunk, dressed only in a pair

of boxer shorts. He was tall o... Læs hele novellen

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