Mile high club

Jezebelle ran to her connecting flight, with all her might. She had been stalled in customs because of her carry on bag. It contained an assortment of dildos and vibrators, all for the convention she was going to. Being an international sex toy distributor was sometimes very annoying in the airports. It was easy if she had a nice woman check her bags, but this time it had been 2 horny and bored airport security boys and they insisted on making sure that none of the dildos contained a private bomb.

"For fucks sake," she thought, " I am going to miss my flight!"

She got to the gate and flew onto the plane in a disheveled mess. "Shit," she thought, " just in where is my seat?" Looking at her ticket, she sighed outloud as she saw her seat mate. An ugly sort of non descript creature. "ARGH," she bemoaned, "why me???" Her seat mate didnt budge nor say hello as she sat down. She was glad she had filled her flask up with Jameson earlier today...This was going to be one long flight.

Just as the plane was about to depart, another traveller hopped aboard, looking just as harried as she was. He was nice to look at, eye candy. "Now why cant he be my seat mate," she wondered in disgust while giving the creature sitting next to her a sideways glance.

Jezebelle felt someone brush her arm and looked up to discover a the last man on the flight standing above here. He was striking, deep dark wavy hair, eyes the color of her jade necklace. He was tall, at least 6 foot 2. He looked down at her and winked! Jezebelle felt her pussy twitch.

"Uh, excuse, me, sir? You are sitting in my seat? 16A, see, here is my ticket."

"I dont think so! Go sit in mine then, its over that way, 19B."

Jezebelle decided to intervene, "Sorry, but this is my husband and we paid a lot of money for these ticktets and wish to sit together, now would you mind?"

The man looked confused, but got up any how, stepping on Jezebelles toes in the process. But she was so grateful of he... Læs hele novellen

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