No good deed goes unpunished

Lord of Lust says: "Sexlyst er ikke tabu. Tag styringen."

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The seductive torture of sweet bondage you have just inflicted on me, has taken me to heights I did not know was possible. You think I would have learned by now that there is always another rung to climb; a new perversion of pleasure to explore and nothing taboo to we who allow our energies to feed off each other.

Still......the sly way you suggested a shower and the way your ass wiggled as you walked towards the bathroom, raised a question in my mind and raised a stirring in parts which seem insatiable. I watch your squelching buttocks as you move coquetishly across the room and wonder how the hell I managed to slip out of the tight prison of your anus when I so wanted to shoot my seed deep into your arse?? Not that I have anything against the supreme chamber of your pussy; except my dick of course...... forever and ever Amen!

"Cumming?", you shout girlishly over the noise of the shower. Pausing only briefly to go into the drawer of my own bedside table, I enter the now steamy bathroom to find you plastered against the glass door of the shower cubicle. Your breasts flattened against the wet glass; the dark shapes of your nipples sliding against the wet smoothness as you move up and down. One hand is obviously toying your ever hungry love pouch and I knock descreetly on the door with one hand, my other goes to the towelrail nearby.

You slide the door open a few centermetres peeking out at me and making sure to teasingly display a hard wet nipple.

"Can I help you with...... something?" ; you ask teasingly, looking down at my ever hardening length.

"Yes I hear you have an opening; for a hard worker!", I reply as I grip the edge of the door and suddenly slide it open.

Bursting into the cubicle and heedless of the water going everywhere, I grip your waist and push you back against the glass wall! I kiss you so hard and urgently that the sweet salty taste of blood caresses my tastebuds. Squirming against me you kiss back feverishly and I kno... Læs hele novellen

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