Swings and things

Swings and things

“Did you write today my sweet peach?” A question heard as your footsteps walk down the hall to our bedroom door.

You see me sitting at my desk, lost in thought and typing away. You walk directly behind me and grab each one of my breasts, pinching my nipples with your index finger crooked and thumbs.

“Ouch,” I cry out as your face nuzzles in my neck.

Low masculine tones whispering words in my ear slowly and clearly.

“Did you get excited today thinking about my cock in your mouth?”

Your warm breath teasing the nape of my neck, causing goose bumps to swell and pop up down my arms. I stop typing, turn my head around, inches from your crotch, I lay my head against your left hip, and bedroom blue gray eyes look up at you affectionately.

“Oh yes Master, I got very hot thinking of sucking you off!” Nodding in agreement.

I hear the sound of a zipper as you unzip your pants, pulling your cock out and stroking the fat head against my cheek. I purr contentedly, leaning my head into your cock and balls. I snuggle my face between the hanging oblong orbs taking a deep breath in and inhaling the scent of you.

I run my soft cheeks along the length of your shaft, every once in a while, flicking my tongue out to trail saliva and lubricate your thickness. I open my mouth wider, sticking my tongue out, trying to lick the mushroom head, and then circle back down.

Your hand presses against my forehead stopping me from succeeding to steal anymore sweet treats.

In a stern masculine voice you say. “No baby doll, you know the rules, you have to ask for my permission before you can kiss my cock.”

My head turns in shame, looking down at the keyboard. My pony tails fall forward over my deep cleavage that is being held tightly by a pink lace and white satin corset. Hands lying loosely folded in my lap, bedroom fuck me eyes looking up into yours passionately.

Sullen tones spoken softly, “Yes, Master, I know the rules Sir.”

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