Nsyncs #1 fan

Nsyncs #1 fan

It had all started with a radio contest. For the entire weekend, my favorite radio station would be playing an Nsync song every hour and you had to keep track of which song they played. You had to keep a list of each song and by Sunday night, youd have to have them all listed in order. Everyone who managed to do it simply turned in their list and you were automatically entered to win a trip to Las Vegas and meet with the Nsync guys.

At that time I was in college living in the dorms. Luckily since I was in my sophomore year, I didnt have to share with anyone. Itd been hell sharing a tiny room my freshman year. Now I was alone and happy especially since I was able to finally masturbate at my own convenience.

Honestly I was never a huge fan. It was mainly the guys who made me all wet and gave me lots of masturbation inspirations. It was the eldest Nsync guy Christ Kirkpatrick, with his short black spiky hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Then there was Joey Fatone, he had a goatee and had his hair colored fire red being the silly guy of the group. JC Chasez was another of the Nsync guys. He was tall with dark green eyes and a sexy smile. Lance Bass was also included. His hair was also spiky but blonde and his face was brought to life with his sincere green eyes. Last but not least, there is Justin Timberlake, the youngest Nsync member. Oh Justin was the one of all the Nsync guys that got me off the most. His innocent little boy look drove me mad! His short blonde curly hair and blissful blue eyes could make any girl squeal with excitement.

You know I was up every hour that weekend hoping to win this trip. I wanted to be able to meet the guys who made me cum almost every night. The good thing was you had to be at least 18 to compete. I was 19 at the time so that was on problem. At least I wouldnt be competing against some little 13 year old who knew Nsyncs whole life history.

Sunday night at 8pm they played the last song and you had to get your list to the radio... Læs hele novellen

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