Pool party

Pool party

His daughter Zoey had her high school friends over for a frolic in the pool. His wife had left the two of them about two weeks earlier so he was home and trying to make ends meet. It was a lovely day and the young ladies, 6 of them, swam, sunbathed, and talked about boys.

As he watched them from his bedroom window, he had to admit that he got turned on seeing them rub suntan lotion on each other and strut around the pool. His favorite part was watching them adjust their little thong bikinis that all the girls are wearing these days. The material kept creeping up their tight little asses and pussies. Knowing he was alone and couldnt be detected behind the dark paned glass of his upstairs window, he unzipped his swim shorts and let them slide to the floor. His manhood stood out away from my body and pointed in the direction of the young ladies. He stood in just a white t-shirt and stroked himself as he watched the little ladies carry on downstairs in his back yard.

He spotted the cute tall blonde, Ashley, smooth out her bikini bottom in front so it wouldnt show her delicious camel toe and stroked his cock and dreamt of licking her little slit until she moaned with passion. Amber, a little brunette, was on her back getting a suntan and decided to roll to her stomach. Wow, he thought, she had a lovely ass and as she settled on her belly, her right hand swung around her back to pull the cotton fabric of her pink bikini out of her butt cheeks. He knew he could get used to burying his face in her ass cheeks and eating her snatch from behind as she pushed her hips back against his tongue. He was really working his cock when the door to his room swung open and his daughter stepped in. She closed it quietly behind her and leaned back against the door, locking it as she looked at him.

Wow, someones really enjoying the party arent they?" she stated as she stared at his cock. She was shaking her head from side to side as she came forward and kissed him on the cheek. "... Læs hele novellen

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