A dish best served cold

A dish best served cold

Ever since we got married, I had put up with a lot. My wife, Lucy, was obsessive, controlling, short-tempered and stubborn, to name a few flaws. But I stuck with it because I loved her. I also, at this point, did not believe in divorce or adultery. Thus, I was quite shocked when I came home early one day to find my wife on her knees sucking a big black cock. She slurped as she pulled her mouth away to look at me, and jumped up, attempting to sputter an excuse. I stood dumbstruck for a moment, then simply turned and walked out. She didnt follow. I can not explain my emotions at this point, for instead of feeling a perhaps natural rage and sadness, I simpy felt empty and cold. One would think that after being so faithful to Lucy despite the endless troubles it took to make the relationship work, and seeing her like that, I would be furious, and ready to go back and scream my lungs out. Instead, nothing.

As I checked into a motel roughly 2 hours later, the bitterness finally began to well up inside me. Eventually this turned to anger, and finally a burning desire for revenge. How could she do this and think she would get away with it? Automatically, my mind began formulating ideas and scenarios with which to get the bitch back. Sitting alone in my room, I decided the best and most...creative form of revenge would be a taste of her own medicine, as it were. Grabbing my keys, I drove to a nearby sex shop and made my preparations...

I knew Lucy would be at home when I knocked at the door a few days later. She had tried to phone me a couple times but I was inconsolable. She answered the door without checking who it was, and when I saw her, a brief moment of pity and hesitation overcame me. I looked up and down her body; she had always been beautiful, with black silky hair and olive skin to go with it. Not to mention her perfect perky breasts, which were all natural and yet full and round. She also had a real hourglass figure, with her curvaceous hips framing her ... Læs hele novellen

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