Fucked by my Mother-in-law

Fucked by my Mother-in-law

My wife and I’d been married about 10 years when my mother-in-law and my father-law got their divorced. Right after the divorce my father-in-law got a job transfer and moved out of state and my mother-in-law, Linda wound up living with us. Because this is a no alimony state and because the kids were grown there was no child support, my mother-in-law came out of her marriage almost penniless. And, because she’d been a stay at home housewife and mother all her life, she had no marketable job skills. All she had to look forward to was a dead end minimum wage job flipping burgers or worse. Moving in with us was a handy deal for everyone concerned. On minimum wage, she would never be able to afford the standard of live that living with us would afford her and her living with us gave us a live in baby sitter.

Linda, my mother-in-law turned out to be a very easy person to live with. She was never pushy or meddled in our personal business. She even seemed to have the knack of knowing when my wife and I needed some private time. At these times she would either watch TV in her room or go out with her friends. Often when she was going out she would even take the kids with her.

Her living with us meant that when my wife and kids went out of state to visit my father-in-law, my mother-in-law and I were at home alone. So being with out the wife, as soon as we finished supper, I left my mother-in-law home to watch TV and I went out to get drunk with some of my buddies at my favorite bar.

I always sleep in the nude so when I staggered home drunk that night, I stripped naked and passed out in bed on top of the covers.

I don’t know how long that I’d been asleep when I woke up to having my cock sucked. Thinking that my wife must be horny and was helping herself, I just laid there and enjoyed it. When I woke up enough to realize that my wife wasn’t home, I opened my eyes slightly. Even though it was the middle of the night it was still light enough for me to tell that it... Læs hele novellen

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