Lewd&lusty latisha

The sun shown brightly through the blinds as I drank my morning coffee and pondered my life. Here I was 26 years old and all alone. My mind took me back to my school days and my early experiences with sex. There had been a few boys and several girls. Then I met Brad and soon after we got married. He was a police officer for Lower Merion Township and on a routine traffic stop he was shot to death. That was four months ago and I just cant get over it. Sex with Brad was not all that exciting but he was such a great guy; we had been married for six years and I miss him so much. I had been faithful to Brad since we first meet, unless my vibrator counts, but now there are strong urges to have sexual contact with another human being.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time on the computer reading erotic stories, especially about lesbians. I have found some lesbian chat rooms and joined in the sex talk. One girl sent me a picture of herself, she was a cute white girl named Joy. She asked me to describe myself and I told her that I was a black woman 26 years old, was 510” tall, had 38DD bust, was very dark complected, had black hair and dark eyes. I was astounded and very aroused when she begged me to send her a picture of myself and informed me that she wanted to worship my black body with her tongue and eat my pussy until I came all over her face!

Finally I sent her a picture of myself wearing sexy lingerie. Joy responded by offering herself to be my sex slave and willingly obey my every command. It was tempting but I explained my circumstances and asked her to give me more time before we even thought about meeting. Joy said that she was disappointed but understood and told me that when I was ready she would be there.

There were all sorts of women on the web site, some just looking for a fling, some wanting a commitment, some wanting just to talk but what excited me the most was the ones that wanted to be submissive. There was another black woman that se... Læs hele novellen

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