The day i learned my lesson!

The day i learned my lesson!

I was out with friends in a bar and id sunk a few it was still early but after calling time with my possessive on off boyfriend Tony id needed a drink and started early. He was the possessive type which just didn’t suit me at all I was playing pool with some of the boys and as usual I was getting a fair bit of attention, now im not a beauty queen but at nearly 6ft a size 16 and 38 DD breasts and adding the fact im a total flirt I get a fair bit of attention. I was wearing my usual uniform of leather…I love leather the feel the look it makes me feel so sexy so with my short leather skirt a tight top that leaves nothing to the imagination and black thigh boots I was ready for a good night, and a good fuck!!

Jake came in the bar at about 9 and headed strait for me, now id always fancied Jake but he was Tony’s best friend so he was off limits, im a bitch but not that much of a bitch.

“How’s things Hun” he said as he walked up to me.

“Fine thanks have you spoke to Tony”

“No why”

“I called time with him, he’s just too possessive for my liking I couldn’t fucking breath with out been accused of looking at some guy or another, he drove me fucking crazy”

He laughed “I wondered how long it would take you, is it my turn now” he said with a twinkle in his eye and I must say a very impressive bulge in his pants. My pussy was screaming yes my head was saying no.

“You’re his best mate so no, it’s not your turn next but you can get me a drink and ill kick your ass at pool” I said with a laugh

“so what your saying is that if I wasn’t his best mate you would let me fuck you, mmmm one drink coming up, the night is young” he said, winked at me and headed for the bar.

I set the balls up on the table my pussy was trying to rule my head and my eyes kept wondering over to Jake.

We played pool and chatted most of the night the drinks were going down nicely and I was well on my way. The flirting hadn’t stopped all night and my pussy was dripping wet with all t... Læs hele novellen

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13/12 2023

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Sweet Alina
Sweet Alina, 27

Hej, jeg er en almindelig pige, jeg vil gerne møde en anstændig mand. Jeg kan godt lide at lege lidt. Min fisse er altid glat. Find mig med QR-kode mit kaldenavn er SweetAlina1997...

Miss Pat 4 you
Miss Pat 4 you, 23

Hallo, jeg hedder Anna, er lidt til uniformer og kan blive din stuepige. Men du skal sende mig et godt tilbud....

Magnificent Beast
Magnificent Beast, 38

Jeg er ny i alt det her novelle skrivning - lurer bare rundt

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