The dog and the stallion

The dog and the stallion

When I was six years old, my father caught me in my room with my legs spread and the dog wedged between them. All I can remember is him belting me and sending me out to tell my mother what I had done. Ever since I have fantasized about having dog cock inside of me. That’s how the story started…

I grew up on a farm, with a couple of cats, and a miniature stallion. At night I would spy through the keyhole of my bedroom door and watch my parents have sex, and then again in the morning. My father always walked out of the room with a semi stiff cock in the morning and it would be dripping with cum.

As I reached the age of twelve, I began to get excited listening and watching as my dad fucked my mother in the opposite room. I would visit the fridge before going to bed and get a cucumber and when hearing the moans thrust it as deep as it would go. When I was about 13 we got a dog, it was a cattle dog and about 6 months old. My folks started to go away and leave me with a friend to baby sit a lot and I started to wonder again about the times I had had as a child with the dog licking hard at my pussy.

The family friend went to work one Saturday so I called the dog into the bathroom. I had heard stories about girls putting dog food inside of them to make the dog lick there cunt deeper, me I got a raw sausage and pushed it as hard as I could up my hole.

I lay down on the hard floor and inserted the sausage and the dog immediately came over and sniffed. I became aroused instantly and spread my legs and lips open as much as I could. Dane started licking at my ring, his tongue going deeper trying to reach the meat. He then began to bite at it as it slowly emerged from my throbbing pussy and as he did so he rubbed against my clit. After the meat had gone the dog seemed to be more interested in the juices now flowing between my legs so he nudged his head in and started to lick at my hole.

I was so horny, I put my fingers either side of my flaps and spread my pussy as... Læs hele novellen

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