Wizzy wash

Wizzy wash

We had washed the car and been at the pool for about an hour. I said I had had enough. Mike and Bonnie agreed so off we went to whos know what. Bonnie started taking off what little clothes she had on when she hit the door, Mike and I just stepped out of our cut offs and our cocks sprang to attention. Bonnie turned around and showed us her great body, cute little tits, shaved pussy, oh my. Bonnie walked right over and dropped to her knees in front of us, grabbed both of or cocks and licked the heads, like lollipops in each hand. Lollicocks, thats funny, She licked them both and then took mine in her mouth, all the way, and I have almost nine inches, impressive cocksucking. She deepthroated me and then did them same to Mike, giving each cock an alternating deepthroat. What a thing to watch.

I really wanted to see them fuck and I wanted to eat that hairless pussy, so I had Mike sit on the couch and Bonnie stradle him, Revese cowgirl, you know. Bonnie stradled him and took his cock in her hand, guiding it she lowered herself onto him, taking his entire cock in one slow grind downward. Thought he was going to cum right then, Bonnie braced herself on his thighs and just fucked the shit iut iof him. I watched about as much as I could stand and I went over to the couch and pushed her back against him. Now she was laying back on his chest with his cock still buried in her pussy. I dropped to my knees between their legs and buried my face in her snatch. Sucking on her hard clit, I could feel Mikes cock rubbing against my chin, I pushed up on her legs until Mikes cock came out of her pussy and took his entire cock in my mouth in one gulp. Neither of them could believe that I had just done that. About four strokes and a tongue swirl and Mike blew his load in the back of my throat. I swallowed every drop and sat back on my heels. "How was trhat" "Holy shit" Mike said. I liked it Bonnie giggled. Mike said, " I get to do you two next" I didnt believe my ears. Mike... Læs hele novellen

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