My aunt cheats on her husband!!!!

My aunt cheats on her husband!!!!

I am your normal 17 year old. I have just finished high school and about to enroll in college this fall. Like every other 17 year old I like to play a lot of sport, hang around with friends and listen to music. Also like every other 17 year old guy, I am always horny. Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I am not very tall but a respectable 5’7 inches and weigh about a hundred and fifteen pounds. Not too much fat in my body. I rarely work out but I am still pretty fit. I get my fair share of dates but nothing really too serious. Most of my free time is spent downloading porn of the internet and then get myself off seeing the pictures and movies.

Downloading porn has been a longstanding habit of mine and one could say that I am slightly addicted to it. However as it helps me jack off…so I am not complaining. Anyways on with the story….

As I was saying, I currently have very little to do. The whole summer lay before me and I was to be honest bored with all the usual stuff. So I decided to do something useful and get myself a job to earn some money so that I would’nt have to ask my parents for it all the time. I tried applying for a number of odd jobs but nothing much worked out. However one day inspiration struck. It was my mom who had bought forward the idea and now I am intensely grateful to her for that.

She suggested that I baby-sit my aunts two babies because their dad was out of the country on business and since my aunt was a working woman she had a bit of difficulty with the children and finding a regular babysitter. Well I kind of figured that I did’nt have much to do. I was pretty good with the kids and after all I would have access to a TV, phone, stereo and computer at all times. So basically I had to do what I did at home and I was getting paid for it. There was another reason for me wanting to take the post- I was infatuated with my aunt Maria for long. She was a very hot woman even for 35. She was about 5’5 in height with shoulder length jet... Læs hele novellen

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