Dizzy mrs lizzie

Dizzy mrs lizzie

My name is Joe and Im a nobody. So why is my story in the celebrity section. Well Im one of the nobodys who populate the classrooms along with Lizze McGuire, Miranda and Gordo.

The only interest in science class today was the pairings for our term project. Would it be Lizzie and Miranda, who would fight over the topic, but still be friends afterwards. Or maybe Lizzie and Gordo, so she could goof off, and let him do all the work. What about Lizzie and Kate that would be fire works for sure. My mind was elsewhere when I vaguely heard my name being called repeatedly. Snapping to attention and focusing on the teacher he repeated my name and then that I would be paired with Lizzie. I just sat there stunned until I was passed a paper outlining the project.

"Class, each pairing will have two weeks to complete this project on the lives and habits of an animal. Select wisely."

The teacher turned to the board and began to clean it, he asked for any questions, my hand shot up to ask why I got Lizzie but with his back still to us he said "class dismissed". With that the room emptied and I was left sitting alone and Lizzie hadnt even bothered to talk to me.

Hey Im a nobody. Im not tall enough for the basketball team, Im not big enough for the football team and Im not fast enough for the track team. I get a B average in class. My only "fame" at school is cycling, for which I won the school its only trophy. So the big question was still hanging out there "Why me and Lizzie?". I spent the rest of the day in a daze, so that night at home I put together some stuff to show Lizzie to see which way we should go on this project.

I caught up to her at lunch the next day and I showed her my selection of animal choices. Gordo looked impressed and told Lizzie she could ace this project with me. Lizzie looked bored, then she wrote her phone number on a piece of paper "Ring me Saturday and then we can work on this." she said. Then Miranda arrived with some girly gossip and I was... Læs hele novellen

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